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About Us

Welcome to Truth Bible University! You have made the right decision in becoming a part of a University whose vision is equipping believers to move forward in preparing for spiritual growth to be AMBASSADORS for the Kingdom of God.

Equipping Believers through extensive study of  His Word

President's Bio

Dr. Carolyn Love, a local and international dynamic speaker, is well known for her ability to provoke, challenge, inspire, motivate and educate God's people. She is devoted to full-time ministry to promote professional and personal growth.


Dr. Love has been serving the city of Jacksonville, Florida in the area of education, counseling and family support since 1975. Over the years, she has earned several degrees from various secular and theological institutions in the state of Florida. Presently, Dr. Love serves as Co-Pastor of One Church, Inc of Jacksonville and President of Truth Bible University.



Carolyn B. Love

​Dr. Carolyn Boston Love


Chancellor's Bio

Archbishop Leonard D. Love is a native of Jacksonville, Florida He is the son of the late Rev. Steve Love and Carrie Mae Love. He is currently the Senior Pastor of One Church, Inc of Jacksonville. He is the co-founder and Chancellor of Truth Bible University.


Archbishop Love has earned a Bachelor and Masters of Theology Degree from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Psychology, He is also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor. Under the preaching and teaching ministry of Archbishop Love many have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Archbishop Love is a man born for such a time as this.


Leonard D. Love​​

Dr. Leonard D. Love


Drs. Leonard and Carolyn Love


HRM Drolor Bosso Adamtey I

Chairman's Bio

His Royal Majesty Drolor Bosso Adamtey I. Suapolor of the Se State and Kordiabe Madaam Matse of the Shai Traditional Area of the Dangme West region of Ghana. As a global leader he manages an integrated global enterprise in which he serves as a social scientist, educator, humanitarian, and well-respected spiritual leader. A best-selling author, King Adamtey is frequently sought after by policy-makers and world leaders for his wisdom, counsel and insight. He served as Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-Africa).


As the holder of three earned Doctorate degrees, His Majesty uses his academic platform to advocate for educational accessibility for all people irrespective of economic and social background.


His Royal Majesty is the Founder and Chairman of the Global Leadership Center (headquartered in the US); Drolor Centre for Strategic Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (headquarted in the University of Ghana Legon); and Drolor Education Scholarship Foundation


His Majesty has had the distinct honor of serving concurrently as the first Chancellor of four universities:

  • Laweh Open University College (Ghana, 2015 – Present)

  • Caribbean Maritime University (Kingston, Jamaica, 2017 – Present)

  • University of Professional Studies Accra (Ghana 2014-2019)

  • Truth Bible College and Seminary (Florida, 2001 -2017)

  • Truth Bible University – Chairman (Florida, 2017-Present)

King Adamtey’s leadership lectures, inspirational messages, and motivational writings have been translated into multiple languages. His mission has taken him to over 125 countries where he also advises international boards and their leaders.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

John 8:32

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